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photo of Alison Jones

I joined Hands and Voices in 2001 as a volunteer and have been working full time for AAM since August 2014. My job is to co-ordinate delivery on the Sensory, Learning Disability, and Hands & Voices projects, and on some of the outreach activities. I’m also hands on, as one of the Workshop Leaders for Senior IMPs, Sensory Drama and Creative Interactions.

My background is in inclusion with libraries, where I worked on various aspects of increasing participation, literature development and engagement with communities, based in London before moving to York in 2001.

I’ve also been a support worker locally for the National Autistic Society.

My degree was in literature and drama and I’ve always has a passion for theatre, and sung and danced in one way or another. I'm currently learning piano. I’m particularly interested in Intensive Interaction, with participants leading on facilitating communication and creativity together.