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Alan Hacker's Music

On this page you will find a selection of pieces featuring our late patron Alan Hacker OBE.

I Dreamt I Dwelt In Marble Halls
Arrangement by AAM’s Sound Weavers With Solo By Alan Hacker For AAM Show, 'The Good Old Days' (2007)

Mozart Clarinet Quintet in Am, Allegro
Performed by Alan Hacker and Asperger Kammersolisten (Klassisch, live recording Asperg 2004)

The following two tracks were played at Alan Hacker's funeral. Thanks to Bill Sweeney for giving us permission to use them on our site.

Chan B’Ann Grad
Composed by Bill Sweeney - originally for the opera 'An Turus' (The Journey) and subsequently arranged for clarinet ensemble for Alan's 60th birthday

Death of Aase
From Peer Gynt, composed by Edward Grieg, arranged in 5 parts for clarinets by Alan and Margaret Hacker, performed and recorded at the funeral of Alan Hacker, 5th May 2012 by: Brian Ackerman, Eddie Pillinger, Ian Mitchell, Lesley Schatzberger, Mark Tromans, Nick Bucknall, Pete Lloyd, Philip Edwards, Sarah Watts, Tony Coe, Bill Sweeney.