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Thank you!

December 2014

We would really like to take the opportunity to say a big thank you to the funders who have recently awarded Accessible Arts & Media with grants to allow us to continue supporting our projects and work in the community.



The Purey Trust have awarded us £3,500 to allow us to establish iMUSE as an Outreach Programme. This money will enable us to reach even more local adults with Profound and Multiple Disabilities (PMLD) as well as extending this exciting programme to other local vulnerable groups, in particular elderly people in long term care and those experiencing mental health problems.

The iMUSE programme is a unique interactive music, sound, visual and vibration stimulation experience tailored to suit the individual needs of those with profound and multiple learning difficulties and disabilities (PMLD) and helping to improve their quality of life. We have been incredibly excited about the results we have already seen with this programme and can not wait to start developing our outreach programme.



The Liz and Terry Bramall Foundation have just awarded our Ableweb Project £6,000. The Ableweb programme is a platform built around connecting and empowering the disabled community through the use of multimedia. Ableweb is a flagship programme covering web, radio and video production techniques, and it is the first of it's kind within the local area. is a pioneering website created, designed and run by local disabled people for local disabled people where information.

This money will enable us to continue to support and develop our new Ableweb website and to continue to develop this project as a flagship multimedia training programme for adults with learning disabilities.


Hands & Voices


The Charles Ruddock Trust have given us £1500 to continue supporting our Hands & Voices Choir. Hands and Voices is a fully inclusive singing and signing community choir with community spirit at its heart that inspires disabled people to communicate through creativity.

It is one of the first singing and signing choirs in the UK, set up as a means of enabling people with learning and communication difficulties to take part in music and express themselves creatively, Hands and Voices has won national and international acclaim for creating an innovative approach to making music more accessible.

As can be seen from our Christmas Busking and Facebook posts Hands & Voices is one of our most popular and widely recognised projects. We are extremely proud of all the work they do.



Over the past couple of weeks we have also received £1000 from The Hull & East Riding Charitable Trust and £500 from The James Reckitt Charity to enable us to continue to support our East Riding IMPs group. Our Inclusive Music Projects (IMPs) is an innovative music project for disabled and non-disabled young people alike. IMPs is fully accessible and inclusive and provides a unique opportunity for young people to work together as equals, learn new skills and celebrate abilities.

We had an amazing response to our IMPs groups at their recent Winter Concert and we can't wait to keep building on this success.


Keith Hyman


And last but definitely not least we would like to say a huge Thank You! to our trustee and local councillor Keith Hyman who, along with support from former colleagues Dave Trotter, Frank Brooke and Richard Green, has raised an amazing £2060 via the Santander staff match donation scheme.

So a huge thank you from all of us to everyone who has continued to support Accessible Arts & Media this year. We're really looking forward to what 2015 has to bring. Thank you!


places available

January 2015

Come and join AAM at one of our sessions

We now have places on a few of our sessions that run throughout the week as part of AAM at the Burton Stone Community Centre. There are lots of different types of sessions, all of which only cost £4 to attend. Also if you block book for the term and pay up front you will get one session free. You don't have to commit to a full term of sessions straight away, come along and try one of our groups and see what you think.

The times and available sessions are:


  • Sensory Creative - 1-2:30pm
  • Music Makers - 1:15-2:45pm
  • IMPs East Riding (Pocklington) - 6-7:15pm term time
  • IMPs York - 6-7:30pm term time


  • Movers & Shakers - 1:15-2:45pm


  • Arty Bakers 10-12pm
  • Occasional Painters - 1:15pm-2:45pm
  • Hands & Voices - 7:30-9:30pm


  • Sensory Music - 10:30-12pm
  • Sensory Movement - 1-2pm


  • Sensory Extra - 10-12pm
  • iMuse - individual slots from 10-3pm

More information on each session can be found on our Join a Project Page or contact us on email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone on 01904 626965.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our sessions!


January 2015 Accessible Arts & Media wouldn't be what it is today if it wasn't for everyone that supports us. We have so many people we would like to thank, our participants, support workers, volunteers, funders, trustees, artists and staff to name but a few. We wanted to find out what AAM means to everyone involved and we thought we'd share what we found out with you all.

To start us off we asked Alison, one of our new staff members, about herself and her experiences with AAM. We hope you enjoy finding out a little more about everyone over the next few months.

How long have you worked at AAM and what do you do?

I've volunteered with Hands and Voices since I came to York in 2001, when I went to see a community film they had made thinking 'This looks interesting' and it really was! In fact I was so blown away by the joy and enthusiasm of their performance afterwards, that I asked to join there and then. And Wednesday evenings (rehearsal times) were never the same again...soo much guaranteed fun. Fast forward to 2015 and I am thrilled to have been working full time with AAM since September 2014. I'm involved in a variety of projects, supporting with administration and running activities, and also working on development. Every day is different but happily includes plenty of singing, signing and dancing! My job title is Sensory Development Worker. One of the main aims of my role is to take the wonderful iMUSE programme to more people and organisations.

What do you enjoy most about working for AAM?

How long have we got?! There is so much. Probably the best thing is to be part of something that is all about developing a truly inclusive society by helping to create models for involving everyone in the process - whatever that is, from making music or art together to developing the organisation. Which translates into breakthrough, life-changing experiences - and that joy which shone out from that first meeting with Hands and Voices. Hard to get better than that I think.

What did you do before working here?

Recently I worked for the National Autistic Society supporting people in daily life, but most of my career before this has been working with libraries - private, academic and public. Mostly rather unusual roles to do with communities and inclusion. And always in my leisure fitting singing in somewhere!

Tell us one random fact about yourself!

I'm a practicing Buddhist!


If you would like to take part in our AAM profiles you can email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a ring on 01904 626965. We'd love to hear from you!