Our Projects

We run a range of fun, inclusive creative learning programmes, from singing and signing choirs and inclusive music groups to sensory drama and fabulously glittery arts and crafts.

In this section, you'll find information on all the projects we run, what they involve, who they're for and how you can join.

  • AbleWeb York

    A community multimedia programme providing weekly training sessions, community media projects and outreach workshops co-led by our AbleWeb York apprentices. AbleWeb is run by and for adults with learning difficulties, disabilities, and mental health issues. 

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  • Hands and Voices

    A fully inclusive singing and signing choir set up to help adults with communication and learning difficulties take part in performances and communicate through music.  The Hands & Voices programme includes weekly rehearsals during term-time and an apprentice training programme. We also put on regular performances across the city and deliver outreach workshops co-led by our Hands & Voices apprentices.

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  • IMPs (Inclusive Music Projects)

    Offering year-round fun, inclusive music activities for disabled and non-disabled children and young people aged 5 – 25. The IMPs programme includes weekly sessions during term time, holiday activities, and an apprentice training programme. We also deliver outreach workshops in schools, youth groups and other community settings, co-led by our IMPs apprentices.

    More about IMPs (Inclusive Music Projects)

  • iMUSE

    iMUSE provides a relaxing and creative space for you to explore. It uses relaxation, sound, and visuals to help reduce stress, anxiety and improve your mood and enhance communication. iMUSE has been shown to be of benefit to adults with complex needs, older people and people with mental health issues.

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  • Sensory programme

    A range of creative and sensory-based activities designed for adults with profound and multiple disabilities. Helping to develop communication, motor and learning skills. 

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