AbleWeb York - Digital Inclusion Workshops

Project details

  • Location: York
  • Time: Workshops are usually 2 hours long
  • Cost: Please contact us for more details

For AbleWeb York, digital inclusion means using a range of digital and creative techniques to bring people together.

We want to build our community's digital skills and to help people feel more included in an increasingly digital world. 

We run workshops for learning disabled adults, young people, older people, people living in residential care and those living with dementia.

Our workshops are co-led by our AbleWeb Apprentices. And the content, style and pace of each workshop is tailored to the needs of the people taking part.

To find our more and to book a workshop please contact us at [email protected]

More information on our Digital Inclusion Workshops

Workshops for learning disabled adults

We offer training workshops in the York area for learning disabled adults, to help them:

  • Get online safely; learning what to do and what not to do with personal information
  • Access information that's relevant to them
  • Find services and organisations that can support them
  • Find out where they can access the internet and training e.g. libraries, local groups, and community centres

Workshops for older people, people living in residential care and those living with dementia

We use digital technology to capture peoples’ experiences, views and interests, and share them with others in the community. We work with people living with dementia to create personalised digital memory boxes to keep their memories alive. And we bring different members of our community together to be creative and to support each other.

Workshops for Young People

We work with young people from local schools and community groups helping them have a say and to share what they get up to in the community. We also help them work with different members of the community they might not ordinarily get to socialise with.