Hands & Voices - more than just a choir

 Feeling proud, friendships, fun. That’s what comes across when you spend time with members of Hands & Voices.45004603754 32a63dc3c2 o 2They’re fiercely proud of their singing and signing skills (and rightly so!) And even more proud that they get the chance to share them, as workshop leaders and performers.

If we could bottle the magic that happens when Hands & Voices get together and give everyone a small dose every day, we reckon the world would be a better place!

Cuts to services are leaving disabled adults more and more at risk of becoming lonely, isolated and invisible. Hands & Voices provides a vital social lifeline. It’s a space where members can have a laugh with their friends, learn new skills and develop the confidence to have more of a say in the things that matter to them. And it gives people the chance to shine.  

You can make sure that keeps happening...

By sponsoring a place at Hands & Voices, you'll be making sure that the choir members can keep singing, signing, laughing and learning together. And we think that's pretty incredible!

Please complete the form below to set up a monthly donation of £10, or whatever you can afford. (And please don't forget to tick the box that gives us permission to contact you, so we can update you on the difference your donations are making.)