Singing & Signing training videos

We use Signalong as our signing partner and these four films explain the Signalong approach.

We created the films for the NYMAZ SEND Music Network, supported by the National Foundation for Youth Music.

As a trained Signalong provider, we're also able to offer Signalong training workshops. If you'd like to find out more about the training we can offer, please email us at or call us on 01904 626965.

There are four main elements to producing a correct sign: handshape, orientation, placement, and movement. The four training films below explain these elements, giving examples that you can practice at home.

The first film is about placement, or where the hands should be placed and handshapes:

The second film is all about orientation, or how the hands should be placed:

The third film is about the movement aspect of making a sign:

The fourth film is about how to use the written sign descriptions that you'll find on the sign sheet in each resource pack: