We’ve been delivering singing and signing, music-making, and creative arts activities for over 40 years now. In that time, we’ve done a lot of learning and developed expertise in making music and arts activities accessible for a wide range of abilities. We’ve built up a large bank of resources that we want to share with other groups, organisations, and practitioners and you can find some of our favourites here.

As well as scrolling through the resources, you can use the drop-downs below to sort the resources by activity type e.g., Singing and Signing or Warm-Up, or by activity length, e.g., a short 15-minute session or a longer 60-minute session. Just select the type and/or length of activity you’re looking for and click filter.

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    Bonfire Night

    This creative sensory activity explores the sights and textures of Bonfire Night and makes Bonfire Night accessible and exciting for more people.

    You’ll create a tactile bonfire, explore different ways of using paint to make explosive fireworks and learn how to make your very own rocket. Make sure to have a wipeable cover over your table, an apron and lots of warm soapy water on hand to clean up the mess!

    Activity Type: Creative Sensory

    More about Bonfire Night
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    We're going on holiday

    Join Betty and Roy on their journey to a hot holiday destination.

    Activity Type: Sensory Story

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    Salt Dough

    In this session, you’ll learn how to make your own keepsake ornament. You can have fun doing this activity with your family and friends and get messy doing it!

    Activity Type: Creative Sensory

    More about Salt Dough
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    On Safari

    On Safari is a fun song about the animals you might see if you went on a safari in Africa. You’ll learn lots of animal signs, and learn some animal facts - did you know
    a group of hippos can be called a bloat?

    Activity Type: Singing and Signing

    More about On Safari
  • A screenshot of Hannah in front of her paper cache creation

    Papier Mache

    This creative sensory activity is a messy one! There are lots of elements to this activity - learning about how to make the glue, feeling the textures and getting sticky! Then the waiting process for your creation to dry and then colourful decorations!

    Activity Type: Creative Sensory

    More about Papier Mache
  • A screenshot of Chris for Jump Jim Joe

    Jump Jim Joe

    The Jump Jim Joe warm-up is an upbeat and energetic warm-up song all the way from New England, USA. This social warm-up can be adapted for all levels and needs!

    Activity Type: Warm-Up

    More about Jump Jim Joe
  • A screenshot of Hannah wearing tinsel


    There are lots of things we like about Christmas! Our Hands and Voices Choir have put their favourite things about the festive season into fun song.

    Activity Type: Singing and Signing

    More about Christmas
  • Once Upon A Time Thumbnail

    Once Upon A Time

    Once Upon a Time is a Sensory Story all about a grand trip to the theatre in the West End in London.

    Activity Type: Sensory Story

    More about Once Upon A Time
  • The Big Night In Thumbnail

    The Big Night In

    Sometimes we have to stay at home, and it can be quite boring. Our 'The Big Night In’ Sensory Story turns a boring night at home into a fun evening of activities.

    Activity Type: Sensory Story

    More about The Big Night In
  • Exploring Paints Thumbnail

    Exploring Paints

    This is a fun and messy way to explore different ways you can use paints. Be prepared to get messy - make sure you have water or baby wipes nearby for a quick clean up!

    Activity Type: Creative Sensory

    More about Exploring Paints

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