We’ve been delivering singing and signing, music-making, and creative arts activities for over 35 years now. In that time, we’ve done a lot of learning and developed expertise in making music and arts activities accessible for a wide range of abilities. We’ve built up a large bank of resources that we want to share with other groups, organisations, and practitioners and you can find some of our favourites here.

As well as scrolling through the resources, you can use the drop-downs below to sort the resources by activity type e.g., Singing and Signing or Warm-Up, or by activity length, e.g., a short 15-minute session or a longer 60-minute session. Just select the type and/or length of activity you’re looking for and click filter.

  • Exploring Paints Thumbnail

    Exploring Paints

    This is a fun and messy way to explore different ways you can use paints. Be prepared to get messy - make sure you have water or baby wipes nearby for a quick clean up!

    Activity Type: Creative Sensory

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  • Smelly Messy Play Thumbnail Image

    Smelly Messy Play

    We all love a bit of messy play! This messy play not only engages our sense of touch but also our sense of smell and sometimes even our sense of taste.

    Activity Type: Creative Sensory

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