We’ve been delivering singing and signing, music-making, and creative arts activities for over 35 years now. In that time, we’ve done a lot of learning and developed expertise in making music and arts activities accessible for a wide range of abilities. We’ve built up a large bank of resources that we want to share with other groups, organisations, and practitioners and you can find some of our favourites here.

As well as scrolling through the resources, you can use the drop-downs below to sort the resources by activity type e.g., Singing and Signing or Warm-Up, or by activity length, e.g., a short 15-minute session or a longer 60-minute session. Just select the type and/or length of activity you’re looking for and click filter.

  • Mama Don't Allow Thumbnail

    Mama Don't Allow

    Mama Don’t Allow has a catchy tune and a simple structure, with the one line being repeated and varied in a memorable way. The signs are very easy to learn and use simple hand shapes, making this song accessible to people with very limited movement.

    Activity Type: Singing and Signing

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  • Into The Ark Thumbnail

    Into The Ark

    This lovely song was written by Hands and Voices for a production called ‘Noah’s Opera’, which was created by the choir based on the story of Noah.

    Activity Type: Singing and Signing

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  • Down By the Riverside Thumbnail

    Down By The Riverside

    Down By the Riverside is a lively take on the traditional spiritual song which is often used as a protest song.

    Activity Type: Singing and Signing

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  • Is The By SONG Thumbnail

    I's The B'y

    'I’s the b’y' is a traditional fishing song/folksong from Newfoundland - a small island off the east coast of Canada. ‘I’s the b’y’ literally means ‘I am the boy’ or ‘I am the guy’.

    Activity Type: Singing and Signing

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  • Good Day Thumbnail

    Good Day

    This is a fun and lively Spanish song called Buenos Dias, which means Good Day translated into English.

    Activity Type: Singing and Signing

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    I Like The Flowers

    This is the perfect song to get your choir singing in parts and a firm favourite with our groups. It's a simple folk song that is often sung around the campfire as a round.

    Activity Type: Singing and Signing

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  • Blow The Wind Southerly Thumbnail

    Blow The Wind Southerly

    Blow the Wind Southerly is a beautiful folk song from Northumberland about a woman waiting for her lover to return back from the sea.

    Activity Type: Singing and Signing

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