Down By The Riverside

Down By the Riverside is a lively take on the traditional spiritual song which is often used as a protest song. Our groups decided to re-write the 2nd and 3rd verses to reflect on how we can be kind to each other. This song is a great introduction to songwriting for a group, as you can easily change the words to one or two of the verses.

The song is quite a fast one so care will be needed when learning both the signs and the tune. When practicing the song, we recommend using Speedshifter (see our singing and signing guide for more information) to slow the track down and speed it up slowly over time. There are also some big phrases that you need to sing, so make sure you warm-up with a good breathing warm-up!

Alongside the resource pack, we've also created this video of one of our AAM leaders teaching the full song to help you as you learn it too.


Download (7.5 MB)

Activity Type: Singing and Signing

Length: Up to 1 hour