Mama Don't Allow

This is a fun and easy-to-learn song that's suitable for all types of groups. We find it especially useful when a group has a wide range of needs and ability levels. It also works well with groups with members who have moderate to complex learning difficulties and who respond well to a range of musical activities within one song.

The version we’ve recorded here introduces a different instrument for each of the 3 times the verse is repeated. You can split your group up into 3 smaller groups for each instrument (a shaker group, tambourine group, and a drum group), or each participant can have all three instruments. The song lends itself well to groups coming up with their own activity types which they can then do in the different verses e.g., sports, food or animals, etc. You might like to try this with your group.

Mama Don’t Allow has a catchy tune and a simple structure, with one line being repeated and varied in a memorable way. The signs are very easy to learn and use simple hand shapes, making this song accessible to people with very limited movement.

Alongside the resource pack, we've also created this video of one of our AAM leaders teaching the full song to help you as you learn it too.

Download (5.3 MB)

Activity Type: Singing and Signing

Length: Up to 1 hour