Into The Ark

This lovely song was written by Hands and Voices for a production called ‘Noah’s Opera’, which was created by the choir based on the story of Noah. Into the Ark is all about the animals going into the ark and there’s lots of fun to be had making all the animal sounds! The chorus has a really catchy tune, and the verse is quite simple with stepwise movements and no large intervals.

This song is great for mixed ability groups as you can bring in some sensory props, such as finger puppet animals, or perhaps make your own animals to perform with. The introduction is quite long but during the intro, you could get the group to make the signs of the animals that appear in the song, or you could use the time to make up a sequence with your own animal props.

Alongside the resource pack, we've also created this video of one of our AAM leaders teaching the full song to help you as you learn it too.

Download (8.9 MB)

Activity Type: Singing and Signing

Length: Up to 1 hour