Double your Donation this week!

The Big Give Christmas Challenge is now live!

This means that every donation made between now and midday on Tuesday 5th December will be doubled by the Big Give.

We’ve already received £2,000 in match funding pledges, meaning we’ve got a target of £2,000 to raise over the next week. All money will go towards our Hands & Voices singing and signing choir.

You can support the future of Hands & Voices today and double your donation with the Big Give Christmas Challenge. You'll be making a difference to people like Peter:

Vulnerable adults like Peter are at risk of becoming isolated, lonely and invisible.

Hands & Voices provides a vital social lifeline for Peter and his friends. Thanks to the choir, they're a vibrant, valued and visible part of their community. And they’re a joyful, unstoppable force when they get together!

Peter was one of the first Hands & Voices apprentices, training to be a music workshop leader. He’s really proud that he’s helped lots of people learn to sing and sign. And even more proud that he’s written a beautiful song about rainbows that’s now a firm favourite with the choir. And we’re all big fans of his awesome Elvis impersonation skills!

You can make sure that Peter and his friends can keep on singing, signing and laughing together by donating as part of the Big Give Christmas Challenge.

Every donation made this week will be doubled, so if you give £3, we'll receive £6. And if you give £10, we'll receive £20.

Every £1 makes a huge difference - all money raised will go towards Hands & Voices, making our community a more vibrant and inclusive place to live.

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