East Riding IMPs Awarded for Volunteering

Huge congratulations to our East Riding IMPs Apprentices and student volunteers, who recently received their Volunteering for Young People in East Riding (VYPER) scheme awards. VYPER is a fantastic scheme that was set up by the East Riding Voluntary Action Services (ERVAS) to recognise young people who are involved in volunteering activities in their community.

Typical volunteering activities can include fundraising for charities, peer mentoring within schools, assisting sports club coaches, and helping elderly people within the community. Young volunteers receive either a Volunteer Recognition, Bronze, Silver, Gold or Outstanding Contribution to Volunteering award, depending on the number of hours of volunteering they have completed.

The VYPER scheme is a great addition to a young person's CV, and can also be used to support getting involved in other volunteering schemes such as Vinspired, NCS - National Citizen Service and the Duke of Edinburgh Awards scheme. 

Our East Riding Apprentices and student volunteers received their awards for the brilliant work they do as part of IMPs; as peer mentors to other IMPs members, in helping to fundraise for the group, by co-lead singing and signing workshops within the community, and by acting as ambassadors for the IMPs programme itself. Over the past four years, twelve student volunteers and four IMPs Apprentices have achieved an incredible 696 hours of volunteering between them, which we think is definitely worth celebrating!

We're hugely proud of them all, and want to say a very big well done and thank you for all of the time and effort they've put into making the IMPs programme such a big success.

Some of the student volunteers have reflected on their volunteering at IMPs:

"I have found IMPs a huge help in my own personal pursuit in life. The programme has helped me to gain many skills including working in situation which could be looked as difficult, IMPs also makes my Monday nights something to look forward to. I enjoy seeing the kids be happy and how much they enjoy being there which gives me more enjoyment and enthusiasm to volunteer. Not only is this helping for my Duke of Edinburgh and Gold Arts Award but it is helping me to gain many skills and help with my future." Olivia

"Volunteering for IMPs has opened my eyes in more way than one.  It’s not just going to look on my CV but it has helped me within myself. I found that I was able to do good for others whilst enjoying myself. I was also able to get to know what it is like for people with disabilities and how that doesn't stop them from doing things that they enjoy. IMP's has made me look forward to Monday nights and when I am unable to attend I wish I could be there. I think that everyone should be giving a chance in today's society and I believe that IMP's gives people with any disability and no disabilities that chance." Rachel

“I found that volunteering with IMPs was hugely rewarding, and something that I truly enjoyed. Working with such a range of ages and disabilities is a rare opportunity, and one I feel lucky to have been able to take part in. Seeing the members perform after their hard work is wonderful, and shows a real sense of community between them. As a volunteer I've gained skills for the future, and a great experience."  Chloe