iMUSE open day at Glen Lodge

On Thursday 3rd of May we’re holding an open day for our iMUSE programme at Glen Lodge in Heworth. It’s aimed at people of all ages who are experiencing dementia or memory loss, as well as carers, family members and practitioners. The open day will run from 10am - 4pm and will kick off our series of iMUSE sessions at the centre.

At the open day, you’ll get a chance to see iMUSE, try it out and have a chat with our facilitators. There’s no need to book in advance, just come along and say hello.

What is iMUSE?

  • iMUSE provides a space where you can relax, forget the outside world and feel free from anxiety and stress.
  • iMUSE is an interactive multi-sensory environment. It uses a combination of vibro-acoustic technology, music and visuals to provide a 1-to-1 creative and therapeutic experience.
  • Each 1-to-1 session lasts for 30 minutes. Our facilitator works with you to find out which sounds, music and visuals help you to relax and focus. They then use these to personalise your iMUSE experience so it’s tailor-made for you. 

What are the benefits of iMUSE for people living with dementia or memory loss?

  • iMUSE can help you relax and become more focused if you’re feeling anxious or agitated.
  • iMUSE can help you connect with those around you. It can help you to focus, making it easier to concentrate/listen and take part in conversations.
  • Creating music or visuals can help you express your feelings without words.

Additional Session Information:

The open day is the first of a series of sessions we’ll be running at Glen Lodge over the next 3 months. If you’re interested in attending any of the sessions, more details are below.

Where: Glen Lodge, Sixth Avenue, Heworth, York, YO31 OTR.

When: Thursdays, from 10th May - 26th July between 10am and 4pm.

Cost: Sessions are free of charge during this initial 12-week period.

To book a 30-minute session or to find out more, please contact Julie at [email protected], or call 01904 626965.

More information about iMUSE can be found here