Meet our York 10K Fundraising Heroes - Helen

What's your fundraising story - why did you decide to raise funds for Accessible Arts & Media?

My son Ruairi has gone to IMPS for over 3 years. He loves the group, he loves the singing and music, but also that it's a safe place where he can meet his friends. Going to IMPS and performing with them at a variety of places has increased his confidence, and has amazed me at what he can achieve. I wanted to raise awareness of the fab work you do.

If you had to sum up Accessible Arts & Media in three words, what words would you choose?

My 3 words: inspiring, inclusive, creative
My son Ruairi's words: marvellous, awesome, happy
My daughter Lexi's 3 words: music, group, happy

How would you describe the difference Accessible Arts & Media makes?

It's wonderful to see how the kids' confidence grows. The first concert we took part in, Ruairi didn't want to go on stage at first, now he loves it. He knows that it's what IMPs do, we perform in front of people, and he is proud to do it, and pride is a difficult emotion for Ruairi. He gets embarrassed when all attention is on him, but as part of the group (a group he knows, and trusts) he is a star! Seeing how well he did with IMPS concerts gave us the confidence to get him involved in the Scout and Guide Gang show last year, and with school he took part in the schools Shakespeare project performing on stage at the Theatre Royal.

How's your training going?

It's ok, could be better. I have Achilles tendonitis which has meant I haven't done as much as I hoped, but I'm still running! Slowly, but still running. I will never be the fastest, but I'll finish it.

Do you have any top training tips for others looking to run a 10K?

Just do it! I never thought I'd be a runner, but here I am. Make it part of your weekly routine, like cleaning your teeth! I started running home from one of my son's activities (my husband and son went in the car), I figured I had to get home, so even if I ended up walking it was good exercise! I have a running partner, and we try to run twice a week, and I try to never miss it.

We love music here at AAM - what's the track guaranteed to get you going when you're out training?

I have an old MP3 player that we no longer have software for so I can't change the tracks. Some of them are really not good for running, but I always have it on random play and sometimes it makes me smile, like when I just want to stop it comes up with "Mercy" by Duffy, or "Help" by The Beatles - it can echo how I feel! You can't beat some Meatloaf though!

If you'd like to support Helen and make a donation, you can visit her fundraising page.