Meet our York 10K Fundraising Heroes - Adrian

What's your fundraising story - why did you decide to raise funds for Accessible Arts & Media?

I decided to raise money for Accessible Arts and Media due to my colleague at work. She was raising money for the charity by selling chocolate - it gave me an idea that I could help the charity through running. Accessible Arts and Media had an interesting name too which made me look into the charity in more depth.

If you had to sum up Accessible Arts & Media in three words, what words would you choose?

Making a difference

How would you describe the difference Accessible Arts & Media makes?

Very positive to the lives of many people. Life changing and very useful for people to have in their lives.

How's your training going?


Do you have any top training tips for others looking to run a 10K?

Build up slowly, enjoy it. Take your time on training runs - don't worry about the distance - just focus on time on the feet at first

Then try to mix training up by running training runs at difference paces. Fast one day and slow the next to get your busy used to running faster and recovery.

We love music here at AAM - what's the track guaranteed to get you going when you're out training?

For me it's Take That - Love Love! Can't beat Take That to get you through the training!

If you'd like to support Adrian and make a donation, you can visit his fundraising page.