Musical Doodles!

Join our IMPs (Inclusive Music Projects) Holiday club this Easter for another free and fun-packed online musical doodle session.

In this online session, we’ll be doodling our way to making our own piece of music.

With the help of the ‘Creative Doodle Book’ from Mind the Gap, we’re going to get our imaginations running wild and use doodles to help express ourselves.

As part of this session, we’ll send you out a FREE Creative Doodle Book. We’ll work on one page of the book together in each session and then we’ll turn our doodles into music using body percussion and our voices!

Lisa from Mind the Gap will be helping us doodle and Hannah from AAM will be turning the doodles into music with you.

You can take part in both the sessions as we’ll be working on different pages each session, or you can just come to one session and finish the doodle book yourself at home. 

The workshops will take place on Wednesday the 31st of March and Wednesday the 7th of April on Zoom and we'll be running two sessions each week, one for each of our different age groups. 

Session 1 each day is from 10am - 11:30am and is for kids aged 5-11  

Session 2 each day is 2pm - 3:30pm and is for young people aged 12+

Please make sure you bring some pens or pencils along to the session along with the doodle book we’ll send out to you.

To reserve your place(s) please use the form on our website here:

There are a limited number of places available for each session so early booking is advised. Booking early means we'll be able to get your Creative Doodle Book sent out to you in good time as well. 

We can’t wait to get doodling with you!