New Sensory Drama Sessions!

Sensory Drama is a new Friday morning session, adding a drama offer to AAM's music, movement and visual arts activities.

It’s a development of our previous Sensory Extra session. We’ve developed the new drama session following feedback from participants and supporters. They told us that they’d like to explore new ways of sharing and celebrating participants’ creativity and achievements. Drama’s a great way of doing this!  

We'll be using story, puppets, costume, props, mime and make up to have fun delving into the different elements of drama.  The sessions include some group activities and some time for individual one to one engagements. The Sensory Drama team use Intensive Interaction techniques to help participants unlock and explore their interests and talents. We’re also experimenting with choosing styles and themes together, and sharing and showcasing the results. 

We'll also link more between sessions to share participants’ achievements. For example, by using props, films or original music made in some of our other art, movement and music sessions. You can find out more about the new sessions and book your place here.

For more information on our projects including how you can get involved please contact us by email: or for a chat by phone on 01904 626965