The show will go on thanks to our new PA!

Performing is our bread and butter. We’ve been doing it since the dawn of our Hands & Voices project which began some 26 years ago. Over the years our brilliant participants have graced stages, foyers and concrete pavements to perform their favourite hits to audiences and passers-by. We’ve had a blast!

Last December, our poor old PA speaker decided it had had enough and played its last tune – right in the middle of our Big Festive Buskathon! You wouldn’t have noticed though, as our fab participants carried on through to the end like true professionals. 

Some supporters of Hands & Voices approached us and offered to help. They know just how important music and performing is to our participants and offered to pay for a new PA speaker to keep the music going. 

We’re over the moon with this incredible donation and thanks to them, participants can keep shining on stages, in foyers and on concrete pavements. It means so much and makes a huge difference to a small charity like ours.  

Thanks again to our supporters – you rock!