We Are AAM - John

This month we got to speak to the brilliant John, who attends some of our projects here at Burton Stone Community Centre, providing lots of smiles and fun in all of the sessions he takes part in. We wanted to find out what he likes about being a part of AAM, and what he enjoys most about coming to our sessions.

How long have you been part of AAM?

I’ve been coming to Accessible Arts & Media since the New Bridge Day Centre in York closed, so about four or five years now.

What sessions do you attend, what do you do in them and what do you enjoy most about them?

I go to Music Makers, Sensory Movement, Movers & Shakers and Sensory Extra. I like music a lot, I like to sing and dance. In Music Makers I sometimes sing my own song, a Tongo*. I like to change the words to it. I like spending time here and talking to my support worker Lyndsey.

How has being part of AAM helped you?

We asked John’s support worker Lyndsey about how she feels AAM has helped John.

‘Being part of AAM has really increased John’s confidence, communication skills and helped with his socialising. The AAM sessions he attends here at the community centre have really brought out John’s brilliant personality’

Tell us one random fact about yourself!

I was younger! I love Lion (Tom), he’s got ginger hair and I like Aled’s voice. An extra sneaky fact we know about John is he knows ALL the words to every Chaz & Dave song!

*A Tongo is a Polynesian Echo song and is believed to be a canoe song. Tongo means mangrove in the Kiribati and Tonga languages, mangroves grow in saline water on the coast.