We Are AAM - Patrick

This month as part of our We Are AAM interviews we had the pleasure of talking to Patrick. Pat is one of our long-standing participants so we were interested to hear what he had to say about being a part of AAM, we hope you enjoy finding out too.

How long have you been part of AAM?

I have been a part of AAM since 7th April 1996!

What sessions do you attend, what do you do in them and what do you enjoy most about them?

I joined Hands and Voices on 7th April 1996, which is every Wednesday evening and was held originally at Melbourne Centre. We have performances that include busking at Christmas time in Coppergate and also regular gigs throughout the year. I joined AbleWeb on 9th May 1998 and have attended every Monday every since!

How has being part of AAM helped you?

I have made life long friends and have interviewed some interesting people. I have also been able to enhance my computer skills because I have written blogs and helped with building the new website to make it more accessible.

Tell us one random fact about yourself!

A random fact about me is that every year on my birthday I go to London on the train with my PA Ann, last year we went to see Thriller the show - highly recommend - especially in a box - (not a cardboard one) ha ha. One more random fact is that I can tell you what day your birthday is this year!