York 10K Fundraising Heroes - Ben

Why did you decide to raise funds for Accessible Arts & Media?

I began volunteering for AAM about a year ago and I've never met a bunch of more dedicated enthusiastic and amazing people. They provide some top quality sessions and projects for people who not only need them but thrive and develop whilst taking part. I've raised money in the past by my helping organise music events. This time I wanted to take myself out of my comfort zone and maybe lose my dad bod in the process.

If you had to sum up Accessible Arts & Media in three words, what words would you choose?

Diversity, incisive, fun.

How would you describe the difference Accessible Arts & Media makes?

The difference they make to the lives of the participants is huge. From creating an inclusive cabaret with over 50 people involved singing dancing and performing on stage. To the little wins like watching Margaret taking part in an iMuse session. This video sums it up nicely I think.

How's your training going?

It’s going great I've been doing the couch to 5k which I would recommend to anyone who thinks they can’t run like I did. Doing 5K easily, now I’m starting to push my distance this week.

Do you have any top training tips for others looking to run a 10K?

Don’t run too fast. Take care of your nips :) Perseverance and dedication. Also having a loving wife and child who I should also mention are doing runs for AAM. My amazing wife Kirsty is running York 10 mile after raising money last year doing the 10K. My little baby girl Layla is running the 1.3k on the same day I am. 

You'll have some updates from us soon!

We love music here at AAM - what's the track guaranteed to get you going when you're out training?

It’s quite hard for me to list one track so I won’t but I love running to Dubstep, Jungle Drum & Base and Breaks. The guys of Yorkshire have me covered on all bases. Rusko @Ruskoofficial, Gentlemen’s club @GCUK_ Funkliners, @funkliners and personal space invaders!

You can support Ben by sponsoring him on his JustGiving page.