York 10K Fundraising Heroes - Nichola

What's your fundraising story - why did you decide to raise funds for Accessible Arts & Media?

I decided to raise funds for Accessible Arts and Media because they're one of my favourite local charities! I started volunteering with the 'Hands and Voices' choir around five years ago and haven't looked back since! Over the recent years, Council and Local Authority funding cuts have taken a toll on AAM and I felt it is my duty to raise as much money as possible to help out a thriving charity...and to also find an excuse to get fit and soak up the sun! 

If you had to sum up Accessible Arts & Media in three words, what words would you choose?

Magic, Energetic, Therapeutic! 

How would you describe the difference Accessible Arts & Media makes?

It makes a huge difference within the community. I have worked as a support worker and as part of the team at AAM so have been on both sides of the fence. I have noticed an improvement in the wellbeing of many of my service users after they attended AAM Rehearsals. AAM certainly develops their confidence, adds routine, enables them to socialise and enables many people to fulfil their full potential. One of my service users has actually written his own album, after given encouragement and direction from the AAM team!! He really is a star! 

How's your training going?

My training has been slacking over the last couple of weeks as my knees have been playing up! I seem to have developed runners knee so I'm attempting to wear knee support braces, provided to me by the lovely Rose! I will be getting back on track and running on grass soon! 

Do you have any top training tips for others looking to run a 10K?

Take it easy and enjoy yourself! I find it easier to run in the morning during the summer as it can get quite hot in the day!! Remember, practice makes perfect! 

We love music here at AAM - what's the track guaranteed to get you going when you're out training?

Nineties dancey trancey tunes never cease to amaze me!! 

You can support Nichola by sponsoring her on her JustGiving page.