Bananas Of The World

The Banana warm-up is a fun and energetic warm-up song and it’s one of our favourites! It explores the process of making a banana milkshake. It’s easy for your group to adapt the warm-up by changing how you make a banana milkshake. For example, you could add in the cleaning up process of making the milkshake at the end of the song. Or completely re-write it by changing the ingredients to make a different milkshake.

It’s perfect for a mixed ability group with lots of opportunities to try out different movements and to have some fun. Movements can be as big as you want, or you can make small arm movements. Or you can use big arm movements and add some jumping too.

In our accessible warm-up guides, we use picture prompts alongside the words to the warm-up to help the group as they learn the song.


Download (1.6 MB)

Activity Type: Warm-Up

Length: Up to 15 minutes