Jungle Warm-Up

The Jungle warm-up was written by our singing and signing choirs. We decided that we would go on a jungle safari and tell the story of a day in the jungle through our bodies and our voices.

Use this warm-up as a guide - encourage your group to come up with their own ideas for each section - how does your group wake up? Ask the group what animals they can see and encourage them to make their own animal sounds and movements. Throughout the warm-up you should be using both your bodies and your voices.

In our accessible warm-up guides, we use picture prompts alongside the words to the warm-up to help the group as they learn the song.

Alongside the resource pack, we've also created this video of one of our AAM leaders teaching the full warm-up to help you as you learn it too.

Download The-Jungle-Warm-Up.zip (1.7 MB)

Activity Type: Warm-Up

Length: Up to 15 minutes