Quiet Warm-Up

The quiet warm-up is useful when you’re planning to sing a quieter song, or when a calmer atmosphere is needed in the group. It focuses on breathing and getting your mouth and vocal cords warmed up. It also helps you to pitch more accurately.

Take time on each part of the warm-up, repeating as many times as needed to suit the group you're working with. During the breathing warm-up, try to introduce counting to 4 when you breathe in and out, and then slowly increase the number of breaths.

A vocal warm-up is not just to warm-up the vocal cords but also the muscles in your mouth. It’s important to change the vowel sounds that you make, and the speed at which you change pitch to get both your mouth and vocal cords working.

In our accessible warm-up guides we use picture prompts alongside the words to the warm-up to help the group as they learn the song.

Alongside the resource pack, we've also created this video of one of our AAM leaders teaching the full warm-up to help you as you learn it too.

Download Quiet-Warm-Up.zip (1.6 MB)

Activity Type: Warm-Up

Length: Up to 15 minutes