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  • IMPs Easter Holiday Clubs

    Aimed at UNDER 11s (this is just a guide, other ages are welcome)

    More about IMPs Easter Holiday Clubs

  • Funky February - IMPs holiday club

    Funky February is an Inclusive Holiday Club for children and young people who love music.

    More about Funky February - IMPs holiday club

  • IMPs Arts Awards

    Congratulations to our Junior and Senior IMPs, who received their first Arts Awards this week. They've all completed their Arts Award Discover, which is an introductory award, open to children...

    More about IMPs Arts Awards

  • Big Festive Buskathon 2017

    It's the Christmas event you've all been waiting for... Our Big Festive Buskathon 2017 is happening this Saturday, 16th December!

    More about Big Festive Buskathon 2017

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