Hands and Voices

Hands and Voices was established in 1997, as one of the first singing and signing choirs in the UK. The choir was set up to help people with learning and communication difficulties take part in music and express themselves creatively. 

Hands & Voices is led by a vision that everyone should be equally valued, celebrated and challenged. The choir is very much led by its members and it's a place where lifelong friendships are formed. And where you hear a lot of laughter!



  • Hands and Voices Weekly Sessions

    At their weekly sessions the choir rehearse songs for upcoming performances, talk about what they'd like do at Hands & Voices and get the chance to socialise and catch up with friends. 

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  • Outreach Workshops

    We run music and communication workshops in schools, youth groups, businesses, conferences and community settings.

    Workshops are co-led by our trainees, disabled adults who are training to become workshop leaders.

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